Stepping up and out of Marginalization:   “In each of us is a unique capacity to contribute and give value.  Giving voice to our thoughts, our beliefs and our ideas always represents an act of courage.   Through our voice and our actions we embrace the capacity to step up and out of our marginalized world to empower inroads of transformation from where each of us stands.  We are breaking down and breaking through the barriers between the real or the imaginary lines that separate and marginalize our world. Our boldness in speaking up and out evokes a spirit of adventure that is contagious. In each and every one of us, the sheer power of a single voice imbues an unlimited capacity to irrevocably change the world!”
-Rebekah Christensen, Co-Founder, One World Institute

OWI Mission:

To relentlessly excavate the unlimited reserves of human potential in marginalized communities – embodying the greatest untapped talent pool in the world!

OWI Vision:

A world where human potential is the hybrid transformative source of fuel that unites people, cultures, governments, economies and all environments of exchange.


One World


How we see one world:

We see the incorporation of OWI, as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, as an evitable and yet distinguishing juncture we’ve prepared for across life.

We have a pervasive belief in the miracle – the genius of nature and human nature is not excluded.  Our individuality is as unique as a grain of sand.  The Power of One is the Power of Everyone!


“We are all born to Genius” – Albert Einstein


“We’re only going to be as great as what each of you individually have as your vision. Then when you take that individual – your ability to communicate, to inspire, and work with each other turns into a collective vision. People say John you’re always hopeful, you’re always an optimist. It’s really easy because when you do what I do and when I get to see the faces in this crowd and when I see great groups like APSEA and Bekah and all your incredible work in bringing people together, you would never be a pessimist Because we know that collectively why America and California is great, still exists. It’s in the hearts and the souls and the spirits and intelligence of the people.”

John Chiang, Treasurer – State of California


“I have long subscribed to “The Power of One” …in the words of our State Treasurer, John Chiang, “everyone has value, everyone has relevance” and as I view this, each of you came to this inaugural environment of innovation to give the best of who YOU are. You did not bring with you, your title or your place in the hierarchy of state government. Instead, each of you came through the door and into this training environment, bringing with you California’s most valued resource -the Power of One!”

Selvi Stanislaus, Executive Officer, Franchise Tax Board


Back Stories – Our GPS to Home

Our Back Story is about our journey in life. It is our GPS to home – not the experience, but our response to the experience that reveals the character of who we are in the world.  It is as unique to each of us as our fingerprint or our DNA. Our back story tells of who we are, not what we do. Our back story embraces all our life experiences, from the general environments of our upbringing to specific situations, events, or occurrences.

In composite, it is our life’s journey, rather than our knowledge, that sculpts our wisdom. Our experiences define, refine, and reveal who we are in the world, e.g., our true nature, our self-truths. Our character is the persona and identity of everything we do; the choices we make, the relationships we build, the path we forge and the contributions we make. Character is simply who we are and how we lead in the world.

Back Story of Leadership and Life:

“To fit in with the norm, to actually be invisible sometimes, was to survive. I grew up with my parents always saying don’t make a stink, be quiet, just follow the rules, and then do your thing and be successful. I think it’s about finding somebody that actually believes in you, values you, and sees your authenticity, but also somebody who pushes you to take risks. Change cannot happen without risks. I think that’s a balance that I play pretty much every day in thinking about how will I make a difference.”

The Whole is Greater than the sum of its parts:

“The more we leverage the ecosystem or get organic in terms of our approach of our solutions, and we use partners, we collect partners, we bring partners along, we take a larger fabric or quilt work approach to our problems, the solutions become even quicker and even faster. There is something to the synergistic effect which is completely true, that when more and more human beings get together to do things, that the impossible suddenly becomes possible.”

Back Story of Leadership and Life:
“I’m Mexican-American, I grew up in southern California. My experience, my back story, is that at the age of 13 I made some really, really terrible choices. It was getting myself involved in a criminal street gang. It was at the age of 15 making the worst decision of my life. At that time I was incarcerated and I was sentenced as an adult. I was given a 15 to life sentence. For the next 17 years I basically grew up in a prison adult system.”


Jei Africa Director, Office of Diversity and Equity, County of San Mateo Health System

Change cannot happen without risks.

Martin Hoshino, Administrative Director, Judicial Council of California

When more and more human beings get together to do things, the impossible suddenly becomes possible.

Michael Mendoza, ARC Member, Social and Criminal Justice Advocate

My experience, my back story, is that at the age of 13 I made some really, really terrible choices.

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